Radeon ProRender for Maya sports the following features in build


• Viewport Integration means you can work with Radeon ProRender in real time with physically accurate raytracing, so you can see your changes as you make them.

• Render modes support including global illumination, direct illumination (with/without shadow), wireframe, diffuse albedo, position, normal, texture coordinates, ambient occlusion*.

• Render Elements (render layers) for post processing including support for opacity, world coordinates, UVs, material index, geometric normals, shading normals.

• Batch/background rendering.

• Control over frame completion and rendering with the ability to set render pass limits, and duration.

• Maya® tone mapping support.

• Assign local resources GPU and CPU.

• Near linear acceleration when adding additional GPUs.

• Built on OpenCL™, it's Hardware Agnostic, so it runs on virtually any hardware, including any combination of GPUs and CPUs.

• Motion blur support for objects.


• Intuitive material design, based on layered representation of real-world materials.

• A library of high quality materials.

• Materials are simple to use and editable in Maya®.

• Physically correct materials and lighting allow you to make true design decisions with global illumination.

• Interactive preview of Materials via the hyper shade editor.

• Import/Export Radeon ProRender materials via an.xml file so materials can be shared.

• UV generation modes and basic transform info for maps, which include scaling, offset and rotations.

• Change textures and apply tiling/scaling while rendering in a Maya® viewport.

• Interactive preview of materials via Maya® material hypershade editor thumbnails and Preview Window.

• Ability to create/edit/apply Radeon ProRender materials.

• Share Radeon ProRender Materials, including from Autodesk® 3ds Max®.

• Volumetrics Materials*.

• Subsurfrace Scattering (SSS) Materials*.


• Emissive and photometric lighting, as well as lights from HDRI environments, let you blend a scene in with its surroundings.

• Supports Maya® lights.

• Emissive materials to allow any geometry emit light.

• Support for textured emission.

• Support HDRI environment mapping and lighting.

• Support for Maya® tone mapping.

• Default lighting for scenes with no Radeon ProRender supported lights.

• Portal support

• Sun/Sky and Atmospherics*.


• Manage/select different cameras which are rendered in interactive mode via viewports.

• Support for Maya® camera presets.

• Depth of Field (DOF) support.

• Virtual Reality (VR) Camera support*.

• Camera motion blur support*.


• Support for Autodesk Maya® 2017 and for Autodesk Maya® 2016 on Windows. MacOSX support* coming soon!

• Custom shelf buttons for easy access to Radeon ProRender features.

• Share Radeon ProRender Materials from Autodesk 3ds Max®

• Integrates into existing Maya® workflows.

* Items marked in grey mean they will soon be coming to Radeon ProRender.