It has been brought to our attention we have  some users who only get to use the CPU render option despite being OpenCL 1.2 compliant, or even suffer crashes when on an Nvidia card. 

It seems that either an antivirus or a driver install may be the culprits here, as it seems something removes the file tahoe64.dll from the Max root directory - and Radeon ProRender cannot run properly without it. 

The workaround is to reinstall, and check if the file is there  in your  C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016 folder - if not, run the enclosed zip-file and file a ticket. 
We're working hard to get this resolved, and all information helps

  • Unzip the diagnosticRPR_V03 onto your c-drive. 
  • The unzip password is amd123 - as it contains an executable, we added the password to avoid  anti-virus software kicking up a fuss
  • Click  diagnosticRPR_V03.exe 
  • This will start the logger, and it will create a file called Log.txt in the same folder
  • When it's done, create a ticket here, and make sure to add this log as an attachment to the ticket