No releases are perfect, and much as we wish it weren’t true, this applies to Radeon ProRender as well.
We're truly appreciative of the fact you signed up for the beta, and to make sure your reports get expedited as quickly as possible, here are some guidelines that make it easier for the developers to figure what the issue is:

First of all, a bug means does NOT mean that you want a new feature, or to improve a feature (you can read how to ask for that here). A bug means the software misbehaves, or doesn't behave as you expected - we're talking typical behaviour such as: 

  • like crashing, 
  • not responding, 
  • the application not doing what you told it to, like applying a material, updating a scene, or something you’ve clicked not working or loading.

 If you’re not sure what you're experiencing, or in doubt – post it as a bug in the ticket system or in the BugBash forum, and we’ll take it from there!

You'd help us even more if you could stick to the guidelines below - the clearer the report, the better the idea we'll have on what's going on your end, and the faster we can resolve it:

  • Expected Result:  What you expected to happen. This is a great help when we're trying to determine what the issue is
  • Actual Result: What actually happened - which describes what happened instead of the expected 
  • Optional:You’d help us even more if you could write a step by step, but as long as we understand what you expected to happen vs what actually did, we’re good.
  • Plugins: If you were using other plugins at the time,  please tell us!
  • Crashlogs – If Blender crashed, we’d appreciate it if you attached a crashlog
  • Attachments – If you’re experiencing other issues, like slow renders or hangs, please see if you can’t share your file with us. We promise not to share its content with anyone but the developers!
  • Hardware, OS, and Drivers - if you're comfortable sharing these, please, please do, as it will help our elimination process

Example bug report
Expected Result: Radeon ProRender renders without a problem

Actual Result: 

  • Opened Blender
  • Created model
  • Added Materials
  • Switched renderer to Radeon ProRender
  • Started converting materials
  • Did a test render
  • Radeon ProRender crashed

Plugins: The Grove, Mirage, Asset Sketcher


If or when Blender crashes, it will provide a popup, telling you what the problem is, but you can also define a tracepath in the Radeon ProRender settings:

  • You can customise this in Blender, but the default is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.78\scripts\addons\rprblender\.core_trace (press the eye icon to take you there).
  • You can customise your location by pressing the Folder icon. If you see crashy, or odd behaviour, it pays to either turn it on, or exit Blender, turn it on, and then start doing what caused the crashy behaviour.
  • The Trace enables the developers to reassemble your scene (without breaching IP r copyright) and, most of the time,  see the erroneous behaviour from the reassembly.

if you'd like to attach a file or screenshot, please note the upload size per item currently is 15 Mb.