• Radeon ProRender for Blender supports Substance's outputs.
    This means that we don't support SBSARs yet, but that you have to use the baked outputs from Painter and Designer.
    Please note that Substance Painter output can be a little finnicky, and sometimes throws that flipped Y-Channel issue like it does in i.e. Unity

  • What's the holdup?
    Substance's SBSARs are created for CPU rendering. Because GPUs and CPUs access memory differently, this creates a bottleneck on a GPU. This is something that will take time to implement properly, which is why we're getting RPR into a good shape before we dive in all things Substance

  • What are the best settings for use in RPR Blender?
    You should be good to go with just a generic PBR export set to OpenGL from both applications