OpenCL 1.2

What makes Radeon ProRendersuch a versatile tool for your pipeline, is that it's hardware agnostic. This means that it can run on virtually any hardware that supports OpenCL. But just to be safe, check if you have it installed, it should come with most graphics drivers these days.
On Windows 7 to 10, the easiest, no-download-needed way to check if its already installed is to:
  1. Run Device Manager
  2. Locate your display adapter(s)
  3. Rightclick
  4. Click the Driver Details button
  5. On AMD systems, you'll get two OpenCL locations - C:\Windows\system32\OpenCL.dll and C:\Windows\SysWOW64\OpenCL.dll - on some NVidias, it's a single location

If you do not have OpenCL installed, you may try to run: